Brand story

Placeworks is a Bangkok digital agency, delivering powerful eCommerce solutions across the global hospitality sector.

Our origins in Thailand reach back to 2006, when founder Ryan Parker first saw the strategic potential of Thailand as the digital powerhouse of SouthEast Asia. Today we are an established outfit partnering with the brightest and boldest brands in the region.

Connection yields conversion


Always responsive to the pace of industry change, we position ourselves as a leading service provider. Our teams rigorously assess emerging tools, deploying only optimal solutions to meet our clients’ needs.

We also keep a keen eye on evolving audience habits. With the increasing prevalence of Hybrid spaces, business and leisure activities now intersect at mixed-use locations. Digital plays an essential role in promoting effective use of these spaces, and in maximising return for their owners.

What’s next?

Our future is intrinsically linked to Bangkok, where we unite a love of this bustling, multi-layered city with a true belief in its creative and technical potential. Leveraging global experience and on the ground perspective, we will continue to bring valuable competitive advantage for our partners and clients, both locally and in the wider region.

As we respond, evolve and grow, our core function remains singular and purposeful:
Connecting people with places.


Logo origins

The Placeworks logomark represents a confluence of ideas around our industry and the customers we serve. First and foremost, it evokes a location marker or dropped pin – a unifying idea that spans the wide array of sectors and locations we support. The fluid, linear treatment brings a sense of motion, suggesting travel and connection, evolution and development. Finally, the marque is structured to look like the P from our name. We think it’s pretty neat.

Photo Credit Shanghai Mansion

Local Connection

Placeworks is a company born of Bangkok, and we are committed to building our future here. We uphold a strong belief in this city as an emerging tech and creative powerhouse in the ASEAN Region, not only due to its hospitality prowess and status as the world’s most visited city, but through the talent and innovation that continues to emerge and delight year on year.

Genuine Connection

From brand strategy and digital transformations, to booking engines and technical support, Placeworks engineers genuine connection with your audience – connection that empowers your growth objectives in a challenging and shifting market.


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