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Using the best technologies to support your daily operations is essential for a painless guest booking experience. This will optimise their journey from reservation through to check-out and beyond, driving revenue to your hotel.

Get ready to attract, acquire and amaze more guests

Stay connected by automating your hotels operations and simplifying your day-to-day management of your booking and property management systems. From booking engine to check-out, manage your front desk, room and revenue so that your staff can swiftly process your guests’ without fuss, optimising your sales, guest experience, as well as your occupancy and sales revenues.

  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Channel Manager
  • Property Management System
  • Guest Engagement App.


Get closer to your guests,
so you can focus on creating
experiences, not technology.

A booking engine designed to be at your best at all times

Drive reservations from price-conscious, last-minute travellers with promotions, urgency messages and promo codes, flexible date calenders and enabling multi-room bookings in one reservation.

  • Mobile first, capture every opportunity on-the-go
  • Rate parity insights to ensure the best deals
  • Personalise communications with guests
  • Extra, add-ons, extended stays and last minute deals

Accepts guests’ preferred payment methods and gives confidence to book with a simple step-by-step checkout experience.

Hotel Booking Engine

An intuitive booking engine is designed from the ground up to optimise every step of the direct hotel booking experience – from attracting travellers to converting them into your guests. Travellers are booking direct now more than ever, so it’s time to take control of your guest relationships and make the most out of these opportunities.

  • Increases direct bookings by up to 43%
  • Frictionless, quick guest booking experience
  • Maximise revenue & upsell packages
  • Own your guests' booking journey
  • Clear booking and cancellation policies

Trusted by over 35,000 hoteliers and property owners every day.


Property Management System (PMS) for Hotels

Manage your guests’ stay from reservation to check out, everything in between and beyond. Enable your front office staff the technical capabilities via a cloud-based system to effortlessly oversee the day-to-day operations, reservations, bookings, rates and billing of your room itinerary.

  • Affordable yet powerful technologies
  • Integrate with your website and channel manager
  • Automatically update rates and availability
  • One cloud-based login system
  • Useful reporting and data insights


Distribution Channels
CRS/PMS Intergrations
Revenue per minute
Hotel spplications

Channel Manager

Showcase your property on the best performing channels to double your bookings! Connect with your PMS for seamless management and allocations of your itinerary with the worlds most powerful and smart channel manager. By automating the exchange of rooms rates, availability and reservations between your channels and PMS, you will eliminate time on manual updates and can focus your attention on sales.

  • Deep channel performance insights
  • Optimise for peak and low seasons
  • Understand which channels work for your property
  • Seamless integration with channel manager and PMS


Guest Engagement App.

A concierge app providing hotel guests with a touchless, fully customised platform to engage with hotel facilities, services and staff. A Fresh and dynamic software providing an unrivalled tool to maximise guest engagement and revenues.

  • Touch-less digital menu and ordering system
  • Live chat with automatic translations
  • Push notifications and broadcasting tools
  • Free call
  • Review platform integration


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Most hotels still rely on OTAs for bookings, but with a powerful hotel booking engine and property management system (PMS), you can drive more leads to your website and make online reservations straightforward, increasing your direct revenue in the process. Create an account with Placeworks, and you’ll gain access to a library of resources that include top tips on getting the most from your hotel booking engine and PMS.


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