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Professional search engine optimization of your hotel’s website with the goal of increasing the amount of people that search engines such as Google will send to your site, will provide another great revenue channel and is an essential part of your direct digital strategy.

Just built your new hotel website? Let’s get it search optimized

If you want to get bookings on your hotel’s website, you need people to visit your site. These people can come from different places, however one of the best sources of website traffic, are search engines. This is because people that find websites through a search engine are much more likely to use their credit card and make a booking.

  • Quality Written Meta Data
  • URL Structuring & Strategy
  • Redirecting Old Pages
  • Fixing Errors
  • Optimizing Keywords
  • Sitemaps & Canonicals

Results Driven

Drive qualified organic search
traffic to your hotel website

Optimize your website with quality content and keywords, together with professional technical configuration.

Drive ready-to-book traffic
Powerful direct channel
Capture long-tail bookings
Protect your brand in search

Results started to appear quickly - the increase in direct bookings has made a substantial difference to our revenue.

Mali Resorts Thailand

We used Hotel Lobi for our new hotel website design, data tracking & PPC strategy, very happy working with their team. They are professional and very responsive. Highly recommended!

Santiburi Samui

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